Floral masterpieces in a world of crystal

Good news ! Fleuramour will organise a new floral event in Belgium. From 5 till 7 April 2019, the brand new edition ‘Fleuramour – Crystal & Flowers’ travels to the sparkling world of the crystal producer Val Saint Lambert in Seraing near Liège.


You don’t have to wait until ‘Fleuramour – Passion for Flowers’, the annual rendezvous in Alden Biesen at the end of September, to enjoy a spectacular wealth of flowers. With ‘Fleuramour – Crystal & Flowers’, the very same organisation presents all fans of gorgeous floral creations a superb spring edition.

Floral designers from Belgium and the rest of the world will surprise you. As is the norm with Fleuramour, creativity will be the word.



5 reasons to visit Fleuramour – Crystal & Flowers

During your visit to ‘Fleuramour – Crystal & Flowers’ you’ll find yourself in a piece of industrial history. This is where the world-renowned crystal of Val Saint Lambert was born before becoming world famous.

The adjacent castle underwent a restoration this spring and the grandeur of the restored abbey will be jaw-dropping. This will be a must- see destination, covered in flowers, from April 5th to the 7nd.

The organisers decided on the theme ‘Next Generation’, due to the somewhat futuristic feel of the castle and because it combines modern and classic elements. Expect progressive floral constructions from experienced florists as well as newcomers (in itself already the new generations)… This just has to lead to some striking creations.

As is the norm with Fleuramour, creativity will be the word. The Belgian-Russian Natallia Sakalova will bring the romance of a marriage to life in the wedding hall of Val Saint Lambert. Arnauld Delheille lets you enjoy a panoramic view onto the surroundings from the bar.

Through a tunnel of fresh spring flowers and bulbs, made by Sören Van Laer, you’ll reach a courtyard where you’ll be able to admire the results of the ‘Land Art’ (art in nature) competition. Then you’ll be tempted inside by Fleur Creatif and Fleur@Home, each presenting one large creation!

Besides the above-mentioned renowned floral artists ‘Fleuramour – Crystal & Flowers’ we will also host the Romanian talent of Ella Fodor and Anca Ungureanu. The Italian Angelica Lacarbonara will undoubtedly shine with her floral chandeliers in the imposing chapter house of the abbey.

Besides all that flowery creations on display, you can also get to know the wonderful world of crystals. Admire the beauty, the pure clarity and the intense colours in each unique piece, mouth-blown or hand-cut.

Are you intrigued by all that crystal art? The shop has an entire collection of vases, cups, table accessories and decorative objects.


Demonstration Cindy Gunther
Demonstration Audrey Gatineau
Demonstration Ella Fodor & Anca Ungureanu
Demonstration Cindy Gunther
Demonstration Marc Noël
Flower show (Abbey)
Flower show (Abbey)
Demonstration Céline Moureau
Demonstration Sofia Tavares
Demonstration Arnauld Delheille
Demonstration Wout Knuts

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  • Rue du Val 245, 4100 Seraing, Belgium
  • happenings@rekad.be
  • 0032 14 28 60 80
  • 10:00 - 18:00